Wednesday, September 18, 2013

USA cake + the best glutenfree bronwnies ever!

So this weekend we celebrated my sister's graduation from American studies so we had a USA-themed party with tons of food! She is also lactose and glutenfree and it was therapeutic for me to see that we could still create so many different types of food with some alterations here and there.

The USA cake was my baby, I don't think I've made a cake this big (3 cake mixes) or this awesome before!

I got the idea from pinterest where they had a tutorial on how to do the american flag cake but I ended up using wilton checkerboard pans which made life easier. I also baked the stars the night before and added them in the blue batter frozen, unfortunately they don't come out too well on this picture.

Of course an american themed party isn't complete without brownies, and believe me where they good! I found the recipe on this website and I can advise anyone to make them! My family didn't even notice they were glutenfree ! And it get's better, it's like the easiest recipe ever! Which is saying a lot of glutenfree recipes are usually a bit hard, especially for a beginner, especially making it from scratch!!
So everyone click the link for the best brownies ever!!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of these, but I am going to make them again soon and will then post a picture again!

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